2020L-Chemi Laboratory Analyzer
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2020L-Chemi Laboratory Analyzer

- Analysis via C.I.'s Dynamic Combustion Technique followed by state-of-the-art SCD       
 (Sulfur Chemiluminescence Detector) or NCD (Nitrogen Chemiluminescence Detector)    

- Equipped with complete, external computer loaded with Windows-XP operating system   
  and ciSmart proprietary software for data acquisition, storage, retrieval, analysis, and    

- Standard GC capability for species analysis

- Low ppb level measurement

- Gas sampling valve included
2020L-General Literature
The Model 2020L-Chemi Laboratory Analyzer is a cost-effective and completely versatile
solution for measurement of total/species sulfur and total/species nitrogen.  It provides
accurate, reliable, and equimolar response for laboratory or at-line (general purpose
area) applications.
2020L-Chemi Sulfur Literature
2020L-Chemi Nitrogen Literature