Portable Digital Manometer
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Portable Digital Manometer C300-C310-C320
Precision Pressure Indicating Instruments
for Pressure, Vacuum, Differential Pressure and barometric Air Pressure
- Large and illuminated display
Values are indicated 4 1/2 digits
- HPa - Pa - mbar - bar - inHg - PSI
- Unique THUMB-WHEEL single hand operation
(select all functions with your thumb)
- Adjustable auto-OFF function
- With real time clock (date & time)
- Functions: Hold, MAX, MIN, Average
- One point calibration
- Two point calibration (except type C300)
- Suitable for clean dry gaseous media

Intended Use:

- Laboratory, Quality Insurance
- Service - Heating and Air Conditioning
- Clean Room Services and Maintenance
- Precision Reference Instrument for comparison calibrations
Optional Accessories:
Order-Codes and Standard Supply:
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