PEEKsil™ Tubing
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PEEKsil™ Tubing

PEEKsil™ is polymer-sheathed fused silica tubing, available in
outside diameters of 1/32 inch or 1/16 inch, and now in 0.36mm.
The sheathing polymer polyether ether ketone (PEEK™) that is
mechanically strong and has ideal characteristics for sealing with
conventional metal or polymer ferrule systems. PEEKsil may be used
as a direct replacement for conventional stainless steel as well as a
replacement for PEEK tubing used in liquid chromatography
systems. The new 0.36 OD material allows it to be used directly in
place of 0.36mm OD fused silica tubing.

Advantages of PEEKsil

Robust Tubing
The PEEK polymer exterior coating and the fused silica combination
(Figure 1) makes PEEKsil very robust. PEEKsil is therefore capable
of withstanding high pressures, making it ideal for Capillary LC and
LC-MS applications. All PEEKsil tubing is pressure rated to 10000psi.
Smooth Wall Surface
The fused silica internal wall of PEEKsil provides an exceptionally
smooth surface, free of imperfections, which ensures excellent flow
characteristics. Stainless steel, in contrast, has a very rough and
pitted inner wall surface, which has several detrimental effects on
the performance of a liquid chromatography system.
Solvent Compatibility
PEEKsil is compatible with most organic solvents. PEEKsil is
resistant to strong acids and has an effective pH range of 0-10.
PEEKsil is not compatible with hydrofluoric acid.
Fused silica is renowned for its extremely low absorption
Precision of Inside Diameter
The inside diameter of fused silica tubing can be produced far more
precisely and with a greater range of sizes than is available with
stainless steel (see Table 1).
Zero Metal Contact in LC
The sample and mobile phase do not come into contact with metal in
PEEKsil tubing.
Ease of Connection
PEEKsil is inherently straight, but is very flexible, which makes
connection between columns, detectors and injectors easier than
with more rigid stainless steel tubing.
Applications of PEEKsil
PEEKsil can be used in all applications where solvents must be
pumped under high or low pressures with little flow resistance or
possibility of contamination. Typical uses are in LC connecting lines,
sample loops and sample lines.  

Color Coded PEEKsil Tubing  
Orange:                         25µm
Beige:            (Natural)  50µm
Black:                            75µm
Red:                             100µm
Purple:                         150µm
Yellow:                        175µm
Blue:                            200µm
Grey:                            300µm
Bone White:                 530µm
PEEKsil ID   =  25 ± 1 micron
                 =  50 ± 3 micron
                 =  100 ± 3 micron
                 =  150 ± 3 micron
                 =  175 ± 5 micron
                 =  200 ± 5 micron
                 =  300 ± 5 micron
                 =  530 ± 10 micron