Incubators (Model B)

Standard features of E- and P-class:

- 7 different sizes from 32 up to 749 litres
- adjustable fresh air supply
- temperature range +30°C up to +70°C
- accuracy 0,1°C
- large-area heating on four sides
- hygienic and easy-to-clean working chamber of stainless steel material no. 1.4301
- double doors (inner glass door, outside stainless steel door)
- adjustable over-heat controller TWW protection class 3.1 optional without extra charge    
  adjustable temperature limiter TWB protection class 2
- works calibration certificate for one temperature: +37°C
Additional Features of E-class:

- serial interface RS232 incl. MEMMERT-software „Celsius 2000“
Additional Features of P-class:

- serial interface RS232 incl. MEMMERT-software „Celsius 2000“ or optional RS485 (no     
extra charge)
- parallel printer interface for EPSON-compatible printers (such as LQ400)
- chip-card control incl. MEMory CARD XL
- air flap adjustment (by servomotor) in 10% steps (supply of fresh air)
Tempering processes up to +70°C play an important role in research, for example the
microbiology, in the medical sector, and for a great variety of industrial and other
applications. MEMMERT designed its incubators model BE (E-class electronically
controlled) and BP (P-class equipped with electronic process controller) for processes
which require extremely high precision.
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