Sterilisers (Model S)

Standard features of M-, E- and P-class:

- 5 different sizes from 14 up to 108 litres for M-class
- 7 sizes from 32 to 749 litres for E- and P-class
- 2 alternatives of air circulation (convection or mechanical ventilation)
- adjustable fresh air supply
- temperature range +30°C up to +220°C
- large-area heating on four sides
- 3 performance classes: M-class, E-class and P-class
- adjustable overheat controller TWW protection class 3.1, optional without extra charge  
adjustable temperature limiter TWB protection class 2, except model SM 100 with
temperature limiter TB protection class 1
- hygienic and easy-to-clean
- stainless steel material no. 1.4301
- sizes 700 and 800 provided with locking door according to DIN/EN 61010-2-43
Additional Features of E-class:

- serial interface RS232 incl. MEMMERT-software „Celsius 2000“
- air turbine can be switched on or off resp. via PC adjusted in speed
- works calibration certificate for one temperature: + 160°C
Additional Features of P-class:

- serial interface RS232 incl. MEMMERT-software „Celsius 2000“ or optional RS485 (no
extra charge)
- parallel printer interface for EPSON-compatible printers (such as LQ400)
- chip-card control incl. MEMory CARD XL
- multifunctional programming of a nearly unlimited number of ramps
- speed adjustment of air fan and air flap adjustment (by servomotor) in 10% steps
independently in each segment
- works calibration certificate for one temperature: + 160°C
Sterilisation - a "must" in the doctors' office and the hospital - is a matter of confidence.
Only units operating according to accepted procedures and conforming to DIN, VDE or
CE- standards make sure that - under the provision of correct handling - highly resistant
microorganisms are destroyed.

What are the main issues? The load to be sterilised is being heated to a temperature
between +160°C and +180°C and exposed to this temperature for a preset (minimum)
time interval. The large-area heating on four sides contributes to a fast heating-up and
avoids cold air pockets in the hygienic and easy-to-clean stainless steel working chamber.

To meet various requirements the sterilisers can be equipped with the following controller
performance classes:

M-class - mechanic controller
E-class - electronic controller with integrated timer functions
P-class - process controller

The very sensible issue „sterilisation“ requires most efficient handling which is ensured by
activating „set temperature dependent hold“ – a function integrated in E- and P-class
controllers guaranteeing the set „real“ sterilising time regardless of heating-up time which
varies depending on load.

GLP-conforming documentation – gaining more and more importance especially also for
doctors‘ offices and industrial labs to prove a proper sterilisation if things come to the
- E-class via PC as serial interface RS 232 including software Celsius 2000 are standard

- P-class via printer, PC or MEMory Card as printer interface, serial interface RS 232 (or
alternatively RS 485) including software Celsius 2000 and MEMory Card are standard
accessories as well
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