Vacuum Ovens VO

Standard Features:

3 sizes 29, 49 and 101 litres
- temperature range from 20°C to 200°C
- maximum safety by temperature limiter TB protection class 1 according to DIN 12 880 as
well as – separately for each thermoshelf  - an additional automatic overtemperature
protection linked to the set value switching off the heating of the corresponding shelf in
case of failure
- textured stainless steel casing of material 1.4301
- working chamber of electropolished stainless steel material 1.4404
- additional interior mountings of stainless steel material 1.4404
- tubings of stainless steel 1.4571
-thermoshelf of stainless steel material 1.4404
- full-sight glass door – anti-splitter screen  outside, 15 mm safety glass, spring-loaded
- serial interface RS 232 incl. MEMMERT software „Celsius 2000“ for control and
documentation of pressure and temperature
-parallel printer interface for EPSON ESC/P2 compatible printers
-works calibration certificate for 160°C at 50 mbar for each thermoshelf ordered and
shipped together with the vacuum oven
Digital Control and Heating Concept:

- fuzzy-supported MLC-(Multi-Level-Control) micro-processor controller for each
- temperature measured through 4-wire  PT 100 individually for each thermoshelf
- each thermoshelf with integrated large-area heating
- signal lamps (heating) for each contacted thermoshelf
- LED display shows actual temperature of each contacted thermoshelf
Vacuum Control:

- fully automatic digital vacuum control through solenoid valves adjustable from 10 mbar
up to 1100 mbar with a resolution of 1 mbar
- digital display of actual pressure from 5 mbar up to 1100 mbar with integrated range
change at 1 bar
- two programmable, digitally controlled connections for air and inert gas
- integrated  drying process control with programmable vacuum cycles for further
reduction of already short drying times
Advantages compared to conventional systems:

- lowering of boiling point due to vacuum ensures gentle drying processes
- short heating-up times thus enormous energy saving  - thermoshelf heating reduces
heating-up times by more than 70% compared with sidewall or external heating
- no heat losses due to thermoshelf heating positioned next to the load
- no „distorted“ temperature values due to localised temperature measuring directly at the
- precise temperature control by fuzzy-supported MLC-mircoprocessor controller
separately for each shelf
- easy and precise adjustment of vacuum by means of digital vacuum control
- „turbo-drying“ due to programmable vacuum cycles
Drying under vacuum demands highest standards as to material, safety and control.
MEMMERT succeeded in combining their experience in thermostating for decades with
advanced technology – easy handling, precision and maximum safety – digital technology,
the perfect solution for vacuum drying ovens. The fully automatic digital vacuum control
through solenoid valves offers a user convenience which MEMMERT-customers have
been experiencing with the standard programme for many years.
As additional option a pump developed for the Memmert vacuum drying oven with signal
for an automatic pump purge is also offered. This pump can be accommodated in the
pump module the face of which is similar to the vacuum drying oven. This combination –
vacuum pump with pump module – contributes to an extended lifetime of the vacuum
pump, as the vacuum pump will be automatically switched off after reaching the set
vacuum resp. will be switched on again if necessary.
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Vacuum Ovens VO