Cooled Incubators IPP with Peltier-Technology

Standard Features:

- 4 model sizes 32, 39, 53 and 108 litres
- temperature range from +5°C up to +60°C
- forced ventilation by Peltier fan
- casing and working chamber of stainless steel material 1.4301
- double doors – inner glass door, outside stainless steel door
- adjustable microprocessor overheat controller (TWW) protection class 3.1 according to
DIN 12 880  and additional mechanical temperature limiter
- serial interface RS 232 incl. MEMMERT-software „Celsius 2000“
- parallel printer interface for EPSON ESC/P2-compatible printers
- chip-card control incl. 1 MEMory CARD XL
- works calibration certificate for 37°C
Control and Heating Concept:

- Peltier-heating-/cooling system (heat pump principle) integrated in the rear
- adaptive, fuzzy-supported PID-microprocessor controller
- temperature setting and LED temperature display with 0,1°C resolution
- multifunctional  programming through 5-digit LED digital display
Advantages compared to compressor-type cooled incubators:

- reduction of energy consumption of up to 90% (!)
- remarkable temperature distribution being better than  +/- 0,3°C (from 10 –37°C) and     
variation of temperature with time of approx. +/- 0,05°C
- no refrigerant thus no special arrangements for disposal
- minimal emission of noise
- inevitable condensation due to physical reasons does not take place in the working
chamber (water droplets) but outside in the cooling unit of the Peltier module
High-performance compressor-type cooled incubators are recommended:

- for temperatures below 5°C
- short cooling-down times
- for breeding bigger quantities requiring larger working chambers – so far Peltier-
technology is not yet economical for this application
Cooled Incubators IPP
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