Water Baths (Model WB)


- 6 sizes from 7 up to 45 litres
- temperature range +10°C up to +95°C
- additional boiling mode +100°C (not for model WBU 45 with circulation pump)
- large-area heating on three sides
- electronic PID-controller
- autodiagnostic system
- integrated timer function
- temperature limiter TB protection class 1
- stainless steel material no. 1.4301
Uncompromising quality - this was our motto when developing the new water bath

The positioning of the large-area heating on three sides in the "working chamber"
ensures a highly efficient heat distribution in the medium "water", however, at the same
time being perfectly protected from moisture and other damaging influences by its
stainless steel cover.

The heating in the MEMMERT water baths is never an obstacle when cleaning the
"working chamber"and due to its design disturbing protection panels for the heating are
not necessary.

The almost exclusive use of stainless steel (bath, outer casing, cover and also
accessories) effectively prevents the danger of corrosion ever present in wet
thermostating and unlike any other material can be 100% recycled.

The water bath models WB 14 (14 litres) and WB 22 (22 litres) can additionally be
provided with shaking device to be inserted in the bath.
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Water Baths