The VSR-50 Variable Speed Rocker is an essential piece of
equipment for any lab. The VSR-50 provides a rhythmic side-to-side
motion and its variable speed allows for a gentle to vigourous
movement. This makes it ideal for: gel staining/destaining, Northern
and Southern hybridization, Western blotting as well as rinsing

The VSR-50 Rocker is resourceful in that it works with either a 12" x
14" (standard) or a 16" x 20" (optional) table. Both tables are easily
removed and come equipped with a non-slip neoprene rubber mat
and allows for an angle adjustment up to 15°. For increased work
area without sacrificing valuable lab space, a second 12" x 14" table
can be stacked above the current table with 5" stand-offs to create a
dual platform.
Variable Speed Rocker
Variable Speed
5-100 rocking motions per min.
115 VAC, 60 Hz; 220 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Tilt Angle
Adjustable up to 15°
0-60 min. with "HOLD" feature
23 lbs
5"(H) x 11"(D) x 12"(W) w/o table
Catalog No.
VSR-50 Variable Speed Rocker, with 12" x 14" table; 115V .6 amp
VSR-50 Variable Speed Rocker, with 12" x 14" table; 220V .3 amp
12" x 14" Table, dual stacking table with 5" standoffs
16" x 20" Table
The VSR-50 has a steel housing and can support up to 30 lbs, while ensuring for a
smooth operation. Its variable speed allows from 5 up to 100 rocking motions per minute
and is equipped with a 0-60 minute timer and "HOLD" feature.
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