ROTANTA 460 series

ROTANTA 460 - a class of its own

Efficient, results-oriented working processes are top priority in both research and routine
laboratories. Advanced laboratory technology makes a significant contribution to
shortening processing times.
For decades, ROTANTA centrifuges from Hettich have been distinguished by the highest
quality. They have responded to the fast-paced changes in laboratory environments with
the continuous development of new, technically outstanding solutions. The ROTANTA 460
models are carrying on this tradition of qualtity. Enhanced performance and an extended
range of accessories guarantee fast, trouble-free operation in daily laboratory use. With a
maximum capacity of 3 litres per run, they are proving themselves in clinics and laboratory
centres, as well as in Life Science R&D departments. For sample processing in clinical
chemistry, a wide selection of adapters are available to accommodate the most varied
types of tubes. Biotechnology, molecular biology and the pharmaceutical industry value
the ROTANTA 460 especially for its autoclavable and aerosol-tight accessories.
These versatile benchtop centrifuges feature a filter plate rotor with a RCF of 6,446 for
purifying DNA / RNA.

Extensive Range of Accessories

With high throughput, short separating times, fully developed technology, and a wide
range of accessories the ROTANTA 460 models perfectly meet the requirements of
modern Life Science laboratories.
Maximum 6,446 RCF can be generated with a swing-out rotor, 24,400 RCF with an angle
rotor. In swing-out position e.g. up to 120 blood collection tubes, 240 x 2 ml microlitre
tubes, 4 x 750 ml bottles, 24 microtitre plates, 4 deep well plates with filter columns for
RNA/DNA purification can be processed per run. For seperation in angle position a choice
of 3 rotors for max. 6 x 94 ml, 6 x 250 ml, and 30 x 1.5/2 ml is available. With aerosol-tight
(TÜV-tested in compliance with DIN EN 61010, part 2 - 020) and autoclavable accessoires
(up to 121°C or 134°C) also infectious samples can be centrifuged safe for operator and


Automatic lid locking
Frequency-controlled drive
N control panel (can store up to 3 programmes)
On option, extended S control panel (can store up to 89 programes and features many
additional functions)
Temperature control in refrigerated models within a range of -20°C to +40°C

High speed with angle rotors:

24,400 RCF with a max. capacity of 30 x 1,5 / 2,0 ml
18,038 RCF with a max. capacity of 6 x 94 ml
14,025 RCF with a max. capacity of 6 x 250 ml
High capacity with swing-out rotors:

4 x 750 ml at max. 4,779 RCF
24 microtitre plates / 4 filter plates at max. 4.235 RCF
12 microtitre plates / 2 filter plates at max. 6.446 RCF
120 blood collection tubes at max. 4.637

Imbalance switch-off
Automatic rotor recognition
Centrifuging chamber of stainless steel
Metal housing
Lid locking and holding during rotor run
Lid dropping protection
Motor overheating protection
Chamber overheating protection with ROTANTA 460 R / RS centrifuges

Control panels:

Programming the centrifuges is extremly easy. With the standard N control panel entry of
the parameters is fast and precise with selector keys on the foil keypad. During
centrifugation the actual values of the parameters are displayed. Three complete running
programmes can be stored and recalled.
Maximum user-friendliness is provided by the extended S control panel (optional). With
little manipulation a multitude of functions can be programmed via selector keys on the foil
keypad and an adjusting knob. Up to 89 running programmes can be memorized and
recalled by their storing number. Models with the S control panel may be fitted with an
interface for recording the centrifuging parameters with the data report system HETTINFO.
All centrifuges of the ROTANTA 460 line feature automatic lid locking. When the rotor has
come to a standstill after centrifugation the lid opens at the touch of a button. With the
refrigerated ROTANTA 460 centrifuges temperature is controllable within a range of
-20°C to +40°C, accurate to 1°C

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ROTANTA 460 Series