Bench-top Centrifuges ROTINA 35/35 R

Makes it go Round

The high-performance bench-top centrifuges ROTINA 35 and ROTINA 35 R impress by state-of-the-art
technology, large capacity, extremely easy handling and exceptionally smooth and quiet running.
Accommodating a multitude of tubes used in modern laboratory routine the ROTINA 35 type centrifuges
enable a wide range of applications.
Developed for professional users these innovative centrifuges are mainly used in the following fields of
application: diagnostics, cell culture, genetic research and microbiology.

Features and Advantages of the ROTINA 35 Centrifuges:
Ergonomically arranged controls and displays
Metal housing and metal lid, the housing is finished in scratch and impact resistant powder coating.
Shackle lock for easy lid locking and holding.
Lid with see-through glass for speed control during centrifugation.
A convenient twist lock enables effortless opening and closing of the lid, lid holding during rotor run.
Brushless induction drive
Smooth and quiet running
High speed stability
Extremly short run-up and run-down times
Automatic rotor recognition
Imbalance switch-off
Efficient cooling controllable from -20°C to +40°C.


RCF of max. 23,646 in angle rotor, max. speed 15,000 rpm
RCF of max. 4,556 in swing-out rotor, max. speed 5,000 rpm

Operation and Additional Features:

Entry of parameters can be carried out fast and conveniently via the water-proof foil-keypad. Just a few
keys are all it takes to programme the centrifuging parameters. The last entered values will be stored.
They remain in the memory even after centrifuge has been switched off. By pressing the START key the
parameters are recalled.
The clearly arranged display is easy to read. During centrifugation the actual values are digitally
Programable small control, 3 complete operation programs can be stored and recalled.
Speed, RPM: Input in increments of 10
Running time t/min: Input in minutes
Relative Centrifugal Force RCF: Input in increments of 1
Run-up/run-down time: Input of acceleration and braking ramps in levels 1-9 and unbraked run-down.
Radius r/mm: Input of the radius is required for determining RPM and RCF.
Short cycle mode
Temperature, T/°C: Input in increments of 1°C within a range of -20°C to +40°C (ROTINA 35 R).
Pre-cooling programme

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