Bench-top Centrifuge ROTOFIX 32

Ideal for physicians and small laboratories

The non-refrigerated ROTOFIX 32 is the ideal bench-top centrifuge for performing daily routine tasks in
doctors´ laboratories and small hospitals.
Its performance and capacity are designed to easily and efficiently process all incoming samples.
Larger hospitals appreciate the ROTOFIX 32 for spinning an occasional sample in between.
Not only in clinical chemistry, but also in cytology the ROTOFIX 32 does a perfect job. Special cytology
accessories turn the ROTOFIX 32 into a cyto-centrifuge that can process a maximum of 8 slides per run.

Features and Advantages of the ROTOFIX 32:
Ergonomically arranged controls and displays
Metal housing and metal lid, finished in a scratch and impact resistant coating.
Centrifuging chamber of stainless steel
See-through glass in the lid
A special locking device allows effortless opening and closing of the lid with just one hand.
Emergency lid lock release
Frequency-controlled drive
Imbalance switch-off
Easily exchangeable rotors
Automatic rotor recognition


RCF of max. 4.186 in angle rotor, max. speed: 6.000 rpm
RCF of max. 2.665 in swing-out rotor, max. speed: 4.000 rpm

Operation and Additional Features:

Entry of parameters can be carried out fast and conveniently via the water-proof foil-keypad. Just a few
keys are all it takes to programme the centrifuging parameters.
The clearly arranged display is easy to read. During centrifugation the actual values are digitally
Speed, RPM: Input in increments of 100 min-1
Time, t/min: Input in minutes.
Impulse key: For short centrifuging operations. The rotor spins at the preselected RPM as long as the
key remains pressed.

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