Floor standing Centrifuge ROTO SILENTA 630 RS refrigerated,
with S-control panel

The ROTO SILENTA 630 RS features outstanding performance in fast, efficient centrifuging of blood
bags and in processing large sample quantities. It offers a maximum capacity of 6 x 2000 ml or 12 x 500
ml blood bag systems.
Excellent stability even at high performance levels makes the ROTO SILENTA 630 RS a rugged and
reliable centrifuging partner. When in use, the cooled large volume centrifuge is positioned on
high-quality vibration dampers.
To ensure mobility, it is supplied with castors, onto which the ROTO SILENTA 630 RS can be lowered
as required. Optimal running performance guarantees best seperating results and a pleasant working
environment thanks to low noise levels.
The extensive range of accessories for blood collection tubes, standard tubes and various blood bag
systems can be centrifuged in one rotor - changing rotors is not required.
HETTINFO, the Hettich data report system and customised solutions enable GMP performance,
adressing the high-level requirements for user safety and product quality in blood banks and
transfusion centres.

Cool solutions under any conditions in compliance with GMP regulations

The ROTO SILENTA 630 RS adapts to the most diverse local conditions and requirements.
Depending on fittings, it can be connected to:

o an external cooling unit
o an external cooling medium circuit (cooling medium = R 404A)
o an external coolant circuit (coolant = water or brine), cooling unit integrated

Of course, a stand-alone model is also available: an air-cooled standard version supplied with
an integrated cooling unit.
The housing on all versions can be insulated for use under clean-room conditions. Additionally,
the pedestal can be covered and sealed to the floor. External connections can also be mounted through
the bottom of the centrifuge.

S-Control Panel:

The controls and displays of the ROTO SILENTA 630 RS are arranged according to ergonomical
The large display is well readable. During centrifugation the actual values of all parameters are
Speed n / RPM. Input in increments of 10.
Relative centrifugal force RCF, input in increment of 1.
Radius r/mm. Input in mm when RPM or RCF need to be determined.
Running time t. Input in minutes and seconds, max. 999 min.
Run-up/run-down times. Input of acceleration and braking ramps in levels 1-9, or time-controlled in
minutes and seconds. 0 = unbreaked run-down.
Deceleration with brake force cut-off. Input of the cut-off speed in RPM ( with the 9 time-controlled
braking ramps).
Integral of the RCF provides continuous information on the accumulated RCF the centrifuged material is
exposed to during centrifugation.
Temperature T/°C. Input in increments of 1 within a range of -20°C bis +40°C
(with model 5005-50: -20°C to +60°C )
Memory. In laboratories carrying out many different and complicated centrifuging tasks the storing of
programmes saves valuable time. The ROTO SILENTA 630 RS stores up to 89 complete programmes.
They reamin in the memory even after the centrifuge has been switched off and can be recalled by their
storing number.
For special routine or scientific applications the ROTO SILENTA 630 RS can be fitted with the following
optional equipment:

Data Report System: With the HETTINFO data report system up to 29 centrifuges can be controlled by a
single PC. Optical cables connect the centrifuges to a BUS system. Protocols of selected bar code units
and centrifuging data can be produced via a PC with an RS 232 interface.
Visual indication when the rotor is stationary (No. E 1247) for additional information on the completion of
a centrifugign cycle.
Chaining of programmes (No. E 1099) for special tasks the control panel allows chaining of different
Second independent tacho system (No. E 1300) for calibrating the speed measuring instrument, as
required by quality management systems.
The ROTO SILENTA 630 RS in brief:


Frequency-controlled drive, virtually maintenance-free.
Automatic lid locking.
Ergonomic rail-grip for easy lid closing.
Large viewing port in the the lid for optical speed control with a stroboscope.

High RCF without windshield up to 6.500 x g at 4.500 min -1.
High capacity: max. 6 x 2000 ml or 12 x 500 ml blood bag systems.
Efficient cooling: Controllable from -20°C bis + 40°C.
(with model 5005-50 to +60°C). Precooling can be effected
by using one of the 89 programmes.

Imbalance switch-off
Rotor recognition
Key-operated switch for locking and protecting programmes
Lid locking and holding
Non-drop safety feature on the lid
Motor and chamber overheating protection
Torsion-free steel chassis
Smooth, easy to clean surfaces

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