- 316 stainless steel and Teflon construction for       
  homogenizing tough tissue samples and for            
  repeated autoclaving
- Eliminates the need for generator cleaning             
  between samples
- Hands-free ejection of generator
- Ideal for molecular applications, PCR, and              
  microtube assays
- Can be used with any PRO homogenizer motor      
Multi-Gen 7
The Better Alternative
to Disposable Generators
Product Description:

PRO Scientific's Multi-Gen 7 is a package of 24 reusable, 7mm diameter generators
which allow for homogenizing of samples without cross contamination and without the
need to stop and clean a generator between samples.

Multi-Gen 7 generators quickly lock into the special Multi-Gen Motor Unit Adapter.
When homogenization is complete, hands free ejection of the generator minimizes the
chance of accidental contamination.

Other quick-change systems rely on disposable plastic generators, while Multi-Gen 7
generators are manufactured from superior 316 stainless steel and Teflon. This offers
three important advantages over plastic:
First, Multi-Gen 7 generators can process more difficult samples,
including tough tissues.
Second, Multi-Gen 7 generators can be sterilized by any method,
including flaming and autoclaving.
Third, because Multi-Gen 7 generators can be reused an
unlimited number of times, they are more economical than plastic
disposable generators.
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Item No.
Multi-Gen Motor Unit Adapter
Multi-Gen 7 Generators (24/package)
Multi-Gen Ejector Clamp Assembly For use with 80-00200 PRO200
Stand Assembly only. Includes: Post clamp assembly, cross rod
assembly, ejector collar
Teflon Bearings Replacement teflon bearings for use in the Multi-Gen
7 Generators.
*Most recommended motor unit for the Multi-Gen 7 homogenizing system
PRO200 Homogenizer - 120 V Homogenizer
PRO200 Homogenizer - 220 V Homogenizer
PRO200 Stand Assembly 7 x 10 in. vinyl-padded base with easy-lift
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