Product Description:
PRO Scientific deflector heads are specifically
designed to enhance the homogenization of larger
volume and higher viscosity materials.

The deflector head design creates vertical
movement of heavy materials which would
otherwise stand stagnant, and promotes increased
flow on larger volume samples. When processing
viscous materials, such as creams and lotions, the
PRO deflector head forces materials from the
generator tip up its tapered walls,
PRO Deflector Heads
Enhance Sample Movement
for Improved Homogenization
creating increased vertical movement of the entire sample. The material is then
repeatedly cycled back down to the bottom of the container and up through the
deflector head until a homogeneous mixture is achieved.

PRO deflector heads mount easily on PRO generators. Deflector heads are available in
aluminum, Delrin, Nylon, and stainless steel, and fit generators 20 mm in diameter and
Item No.
Deflector head for 20 mm diameter generator
Deflector head for 30 mm diameter generator
Deflector head for 37 mm diameter generator
Deflector head for 43 mm diameter generator
Deflector head for 59 mm diameter generator
* Specify material: Aluminum (A), Delrin (D), Nylon (N), or Stainless Steel (S)
Deflector head includes mounting hardware
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PRO Deflector Heads