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SGE offers a comprehensive array of High Performance Liquid Chromatography
(HPLC) and Capillary LC columns and supplies that utilize unique technologies to
meet every chromatographic challenge.
HPLC Columns
C18 - 5 micron
C18 - 3 micron
C8 - 5 micron
Phenyl - 5 micron
Cyano Propyl - 5 micron
Amino - 5 micron
Silica - 5 micron
SAX - 5 micron
SCX - 5 micron
Capillary LC
ProteCol™ Capillary Columns
ProteCol™ Unions
ProteCol™ Accessories
ProteCol™ Trap & Guard Columns
ProteCol™ In Line Filters
Guard Cartridge Systems
Column Replacement Frits
Fittings, Unions & Couplers
PEEKsil Injection Loops
PEEKsil Tubing
Electrophoresis Tubing
MicroFlow™ Meter
LC Autosampler
LC Manual
USP Methods
LC Chromatograms
Mass Spectrometry
Electron Multipliers