Capillary LC
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ProteCol™ Capillary Columns
Maximum performance
ProteCol Capillary Columns feature an integrated column and connection
tubing design to achieve excellent peak symmetry and efficiency. The
combination of PEEKsil™ column and connecting tubing with a zero dead
volume design allows optimum flow characteristics with minimal dispersion.

ProteCol™ Unions
Perfect connections, everytime
Precision engineered for Capillary LC, ProteCol Unions offer complete
versatility for connecting a range of capillary tubing. Manufactured to
exacting tolerances and available in PEEK™ and stainless steel, the zero
dead volume design provides faultless butt connections.

ProteCol™ Accessories
ProteCol Accessory Kit
ProteCol Flow Splitter
ProteCol MicroFlow Meter

ProteCol™ Trap & Guard Columns
Specifically designed for Capillary LC
Featuring an integrated column and connection design, ProteCol Trap
and Guard Columns provide zero dead volume for superior Capillary LC
The ProteCol Trap Column utilizes flexible 1/32" PEEKsil™ tube ends for
direct valve connection and allows on-line pre-concentration or desalting
of a sample prior to injection onto the analytical column.
Isolating chemical and particulate contaminants, the ProteCol Guard
Column protects the integrity and assists longevity of the analytical

ProteCol™ In Line Filters
Particulate protection for capillary columns
The ProteCol In-Line Filter protects your system from particulates and
prevents blockages and increased backpressures, without introducing
peak tailing or loss of resolution.

PEEKsil™ Tubing
PEEKsil™ is polymer-sheathed fused silica tubing, available in outside
diameters of 1/32 inch or 1/16 inch, and now in 0.36mm. The sheathing
polymer polyether ether ketone (PEEK™) that is mechanically strong and
has ideal characteristics for sealing with conventional metal or polymer
ferrule systems. PEEKsil may be used as a direct replacement for
conventional stainless steel as well as a replacement for PEEK tubing
used in liquid chromatography systems. The new 0.36 OD material allows
it to be used directly in place of 0.36mm OD fused silica tubing.
Capillary LC
ProteCol™ - A revolution in Capillary LC

Performance Plus:
Unique 'zero dead volume' system gives the highest possible resolution, sensitivity and
Ease of Use: Seamless connections between columns, tubing and all accessories.
Versatility: Columns, unions and accessories are designed to be used together as a complete system, or can be
individually incorporated into your existing Capillary LC setup.
Flexibility: Adaptable to suit your own requirements with a variety of columns, unions and tubing sizes.