Silica - 5 micron
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Exsil™ Silica - 5 Micron
Classic normal phase column.
Adsorbosil® Silica
LiChrospher® Si 100
PhenoSphere™ Silica
Ultrasphere® Silica
Bio-Sil® Silica
LiChrospher® Si 60
PrimeSphere™ 110Å Silica Ultremex™
Bondclone™ Silica
Endcapping: No
Phase Load: 0%
Maxsil™ Silica
Resolve™ Silica
Versapak™ Silica
Econosil™ Silica
Novapak® Silica
Selectosil™ 110Å Silica
YMC-Pack Silica
Econosphere™ Silica
Nucleosil® 100 Silica
Spherex™ Silica
Zorbax Original Silica
Hypersil Classic Silica
Partisil® Silica
Spherisorb W (Silica)
Zorbax RX Silica
IB-Sil™ Silica
PartiSphere® Silica
Supelcosil™ LC-Si
Recommended Alternative for
SGE columns will give similar or better separations than the listed column for most applications. The SGE HPLC columns
recommended as alternatives in this listing may yield slightly different selectivities and retention characteristics, but they offer better
peak shapes and resolution under the appropriate chromatographic conditions.
Possible Alternative for
Adsorbosphere Silica
Betasil® Silica
Genesis® Silica
Luna™ Silica
Adsorbosphere HS Silica
Cosmosil™ Silica
Inertsil® Silica
Platinum™ 100Å Silica
Alltima™ Silica
Develosil® Silica
Kromasil® 100Å Silica
Prodigy™ Silica
Columns described as possible alternatives will give similar separations to the listed column for some applications. Contact SGE for
further details.