Chest and upright freezers
up to –86 ºC

Optimal conditions:
You require safe, secure storage for your valuable samples. Tissue specimens, DNA,
RNA, protein preparations and similar substances need to be stored in such a way as to
ensure they are well preserved. With a constant temperature of –86°C, Hettich freezers
offer the optimal environment for your sensitive samples.
Inside doors and sectional covers enable selective access, so that other stored
substances remain protected. Thanks to movable shelves, the interior of the upright
freezers can be organised flexibly and according to your specific requirements.
Removable trays are easy to pull out, as their special design prevents freezing. Your
samples will be stored conveniently and trouble-free in suitable racks and boxes,
designed to accommodate the most varied types of tubes.
We know how important it is that your freezer operates perfectly over the long term. That’s
why we manufacture our freezers using only the best materials and equip them with the
most extensive range of security and control functions. Hettich freezers will guarantee
optimal conditions for your samples for many years to come.
Sound reasons :

No defrosting

Ice can easily be wiped off the stainless steel interior surfaces.

No low pressure

Double heating in upright freezer doors and chest lids enables repeated opening and
closing of the appliances without waiting.

Advanced data recording

The sophisticated microprocessor records temperature values and possible malfunctions
over a 30-day period. By means of an interface (optional, Cat. No. 95 IS), data can also
be read out on a PC. Conventional temperature recorders are no longer necessary.


Upright freezers: 120 l, 240 l, 440 l, 550 l, 660 l
Chests: 100 l, 200 l, 350 l, 500 l

Upright freezers -86° C
Temperature range -60° C to -86° C
Voltage: 220 - 240 V, 1 ~
Frequency: 50 Hz

Chest freezers -86°C:
Temperature range -60° C to -86° C
Voltage: 220 - 240 V, 1 ~
Frequency: 50 Hz


Alarm warning – by means of an acoustic and optical signal in the case of:

- defective temperature sensors on the condenser and/or in the interior
- deviations in interior temperature
- temperature increases in the condenser
- power failure
- open door (upright freezers)
- voltage drop in the supply battery for the control system
- empty or non-connected supply battery
- Alarm signals may be temporarily off.

2 connections for
- remote monitoring systems
- automatic call number alarm (as voice message or SMS)

Autonomous power supply via supply battery for display and control in the case of power

User code to safeguard against unauthorised parameter changes



- Variable interior division via movable shelves for upright freezers

- Optional left or right door opening for upright freezers

- Chest lids can be opened wide enough (85°) so that racks in the back row can easily be

- Non-drop safety feature on chest lids

- Microprocessor controlled
- RS 485 interface
- Upper and lower temperature tolerances can be adjusted freely
- Automatic storage of operational data for 30 days (data is saved in the case of a power
failure and voltage drop in the supply battery)
- Digital temperature display with a resolution of 0.5°C

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