9600L Laboratory "Gold Series" Analyzer
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9600L Laboratory "Gold Series" Analyzer

- Interference-free, sensitive, and specific Sensi-Tape Detection System

- Complete, external computer with Windows-XP operating system and           
 ciSmart proprietary software for instrument control as well as data                 
 acquisition, storage, retrieval, analysis, and reporting

- User-programmable reactor temperature profile

- GC oven for separation of sulfur species in gaseous samples

- Automatic gas sample injection valve

- Two sample loops available
9600L Brochure
GOLD SERIES Package Includes:

- Dual analysis capability (sulfur or chlorides)

- Built in gas blend generator

- Incorporation of a permeation system within the 9600L eliminates the need  
  to use unstable and expensive sulfur and chloride standards

- Model 9610 Autoinjector

- Fully-automated gas and LPG sampling capability
The Model 9600L "Gold Series" analyzer is ideal for Total/Species Sulfur as well as
Total/Species Chlorides analysis in many sample streams.  The "Gold Series" package
ensures that the analyzer is equipped with many standard items often included as
options in other instrumentation packages.
9600L Data Sheet