superC Multi-Element Analyzer
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superC Multi-Element Analyzer

- Sensitive, selective, and interference-free Sensi-Tape Detection System

- Detects up to 8 impurities in up to 6 streams

- State-of-the-art Data Management System consisting of complete computer                      
  (touch-screen) loaded with Windows 98 and ciSmart proprietary software for data            
  acquisition, storage, retrieval, analysis, and reporting

- As low as 1 ppb level detection (application-dependent)

- Range optimized to meet application requirements

- Purged to meet Class 1, Div. I or II, Groups C & D requirements (Standard Y, Z purge; X  
  purge also available)

- Easily transportable
The superC Multi-Element Analyzer provides the ultimate in versatility while reporting
accurate, interference-free results continuously.  Select up to eight of the following
(measuring a different compound is as simple as changing the Sensi-Tape and selecting
a new calibration curve):
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