2911 and 2941
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2911 and 2941 - Calibration Hand Pumps
Heavy duty calibration handpump for generating pressure
up to 5 bar (7 bar for small volumes). With volume
adjuster, enabling fine pressure control, and bleeder
valve. Connection for tube 4 mm i.d. / 6 mm o.d. Pressure
change sensitivity 0,05 mbar. Including appr. 300 mm tube
and T-coupling. This handpump is very suitable for mbar
As type 2911, but for generating vacuum up to 800 mbar
(900 mbar for small volumes).
Recommended precision reference pressure indicator for pressure calibrations:
With Order-Code 2950 a strong carrying case is available, with cutout for 2
calibration hand pumps and 1 portable digital manometer C300...C320 or Series
1000 . Dimensions appr. 350 x 260 x 90 mm.
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