Deadweight Tester
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Deadweight Tester CPB5000 - from 0.03 bar to 4000 bar
Deadweight Tester CPB5000
Pressure Balance - Primary
Standard for Pressure
- Ranges from 0.03 bar to 100 bar:
pneumatic operated
- Ranges from 0.2 bar to 4000 bar:
hydraulic operated
- Accuracy (total uncertainty of
measurement) up to ±0.010% of
measured value
- A basement can be fitted with individual measuring systems
(piston/cylinder-units). Fast and safe replacement of the measuring systems (no
tools needed)
- Self-sustaining complete system, also suitable for on-site measurements /
- Options: DKD Certificate of Calibration, Calibration Module for easy Transmitter
calibration and automatic calculated corrections
Deadweight Tester (Pressure Balances)
are the most accurate instruments for the
calibration of electronic or mechanical
pressure measuring instruments. The direct
measurement of pressure, according to its
definition as a quotient of force and area,
and the use of high-quality materials result
in small uncertainties of measurement and
an excellent long-term stability of five years.
For these reasons, deadweight testers
have already been used in calibration
laboratories of industry, national institutes
and research labs for many years.

Due to the integrated pressure generation
and the purely mechanical measurement
principle, the CPB5000 deadweight testers
are ideally suited for on-site use as well as
service and maintenance purposes.
The new concept for a customised CPB5000 assembly enables you to set up a
compact complete system at a favourable price, consisting of an universal
basement and the measuring systems (piston/cylinder-units). The high-quality
sensitive piston/cylinder-units are well protected in a special housing. Fast and
uncomplicated changes of the measuring range are possible without having to use
any tools.

The core of the CPB5000 is a piston/cylinder system of tungsten carbide. Besides
this high-quality material, which primarily stands out for its small temperature
coefficient, the workmanship of the system is a measure of the final accuracy of
the pressure balance. Several refinement processes ensure a high-quality and
even surface with small graps of only a few micrometer.

In order to generate the individual test points, the piston/cylinder system is
weighted with mass-loads, which are also calibrated and specially adapted to the
respective application. Depending on the measuring range of your device under
test you can fit the instrument basement with the corresponding piston/cylinder
system. The pressure is set via an integrated pump or, if an external pressure
supply is available, via control valves. For fine adjustment an adjustable volume
with precision spindle is available. The weight applied is proportional to the desired
pressure and provided by using optimally graduated weights. As soon as the
measuring system reaches quilibrium, there is a balance of forces between
pressure and wheel weights. Due to the excellent quality of the system this
pressure remains stable over several minutes, so that for instance adjustments of
your device under test can be carried out without any problems.
Intelligent Calibration Module IKM
Especially when highly accurate measuring
values with uncertainties of measurement of
less than 0.025% are required, complicated
mathematics calculations and corrections
used to be necessary. With this optional
addition to the system all critical ambient
parameters are registered and automatically
corrected. Furthermore, a calibrator function
for pressure transmitters is integrated, so
that a voltage can be supplied to the sensor
and the sensors signals can be measured
without any problem.
More optional Accessories
- Set of trim-masses for generating
intermediate values (weights 2 mg to 100 g)
- Oxytester (Purifier) for measuring
instruments where the filling medium should
not come into contact with the deadweight
- Dirt trap for test objects that are very dirty
in order to avoid the penetration of dirt
particles into the deadweight tester
- Set of adapters in a tool case with 5 most
commonly used threaded adapters and a
spanner (flats 32 and flats 14)

Included in Standard Supply

- Basement with robust protective cover
- Inlet pressure pump and spindle pump
- Clamp for specimens
- One piston/cylinder system
- Set of stainless steel weights in carrying
Oxytester & Dirt trap
Set of Adapters
Data sheet
Recommended accessory:
Hand Suction Pump HAP 02


for suction of fluids, e.g. oil, water, break fluid, etc.

Perfect for the suction of the operation fluid of
deadweight tester (e.g. before transport etc.).
Technical Data:
Data sheet

Operating Manual

Operating Manual High Pressure Version (2500/4000 bar)