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Digital Reference Pressure Gauge DFP - Accuracy 0.1% FS
Digital Reference Presssure Gauge
Type DFP
Scalable Indication of Force (tons, kg,
- Accuracy ±0.1% FS
- Pressure ranges up to 2000 bar available
- Battery operated (1 year autonomy)
- Pressure units "bar", conversion to Force
- PEAK-function (positive and negative)
- Programmable digital Filter
- Pressure connection 1/2" BSP male
- Large and clear LCD display
The DFP is a microprocessor based digital pressure gauge, made of particularly
high long-term stable analogue section and a 16 bit A/D converter which ensure
65,000 internal divisions. These features, together with a 0.1% accuracy class,
make it ideal as a reference instrument: in fact the DFP is proposed as a first line
sample for Quality Insurance Laboratories.
The Digital Reference Pressure Gauge DFP has internal batteries with 1 year
autonomy, also guaranteed by the Auto-PowerOff function, which activated if no
measurements changes are detected in the previous 30 minutes (adjustable).

The user can define his own engineering unit for force. The DFP is supplied
calibrated in "bar" pressure unit as a standard pressure gauge. It is up to the
installer to set the full scale value in the force unit used (kg or ton) by using the
following formular:

F[N] = P x D² x ∏ / 40

P = Pressure in bar
D = Diameter of cylinder in mm

F[kg] = F[N] / 9.80665

F = force
N = Newton
kg = Kilogram

As an option, the Digital Reference Pressure Gauge DFP is available with a RS232
interface. A connection cable and a simple Software to read out the RS232
interface can be supplied on request.

A carrying case is included in standard supply.
Pressure ---> Force
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