Electronic Pressure Calibrators
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Electronic Pressure Calibrator LPC 300
LPC 300 multi functional Pressure
Accuracy ±0.025% f.s.
The electronic pressure calibrator LPC
300 is used for high precision
calibration of pressure instruments,
e.g. pressure gauges, pressure
transmitter, digital manomter, pressure
switches, overpressure protection
valves, etc.

The LPC 300 is a very user-friendly,
accurate and compact solution for
pressure comparison calibrations. The
built-in reference sensor is
changeable, several pressure ranges
with one unit can be operated.
All standard pressure ranges between 0...4 psi (0...250 mbar) and 0...14500 psi
(0...1000 bar) are available (other ranges, gauge and absolute, on request), also
vacuum and compound ranges.

The electronic pressure calibrator LPC 300 measures pressure, voltage and
current and supplies 24 VDC as source for transmitter. Calibration procedures can
be pre-defined and used for calibrations on site. The LPC 300 is supplied with USB-
and RS232-interfaces and is powered by a Lithium-Ion battery (rechargeable,
without memory-effect).
- precise, high resolution, compact, rigid
- Pressure ranges 0/4 psi to 0/14500 psi
(0/250 mbar to 0/1000 bar)
- Built-in reference sensor, changeable
- All standard pressure units (+1
- Special ranges (gauge, absolute, vacuum,
compound) on request
- Stores calibration data (real time clock
- Switch-test function (switch point
adjumstment, showing hysteresis)
- Menu-driven operating in English language
(other languages, e.g. German, on request)
- Large illuminated display
- Lithium-Ion battery powered
- Power supply 24 VDC for pressure
- USB- and RS232-interface
- Calibration Certificate, traceable to national
standard, included
LPC 300 on BT 400 comparison test pump
LPC 300 with pressure comparator BT 400,
reference sensor EXTERNAL
LPC 300 with pressure comparator BT 400,
reference sensor INTERNAL
Accuracy 0.025% FS
In measuring mode, the LPC 300 shows in it's
display simultaneous:

- Reference pressure
- Output of unit under test (if unit under test is
an analogue pressure gauge, the reading
pressure can be entered with the numeric

- Deviation in selected pressure unit
- Deviation in % of full scale value of unit under

This results in easy checking if unit under test
is within it's specification - with one view -
withoud the need of manual calculations.
LPC 300 on LPP 30 calibration test pump  
LPC 300 with Calibration Pump LPP 30,
reference sensor INTERNAL
LPC 300 with Calibration Pump LPP 30, reference
sensor EXTERAL
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