Low Pressure Test Pump
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Low Pressure Test Pump LTP1
Hand Held Test Pump LTP1
pneumatic operated
Generating pressure up to +3000 mbar
switchabel for
Generating vacuum up to -950 mbar
The pneumatic hand held test pump LTP1 has been
designed for easy to use pressure calibration equipment "in
the field", for testing pressure gauges, pressure transmitters,
pressure switches etc.
Pressure up to +3000 mbar and vacuum up to -950 mbar can
be reached in a simple way.
Reference instruments as test pressure gauges (analogue
and digital), electronic pressure calibrators (TDMC, DFP,
TLDMM, LPC 300) can be fitted to the two flexible 4 mm
tubes, supplied with the LTP1.
Standard Accessories:

- 2 pcs. of 4 mm DIA hoses with adaptors 1/4" BSP female rotating
- Manual

Optional Accessories:

- Analogue Test Pressure Gauges DS 63, Accuracy +/- 1.0% f.s.
- Digital Test Pressure Gauge DTG-35, Accuracy 0.5% FS and TDMC, Accuracy
0.2% FS
- Electronic Pressure Calibrator DFP, TLDMM and  LPC 300, Accuracy from
0.1% FS to 0.025% FS
- P-Kit with carrying case, hose adapter and a set of nylon seals.
- Precision Pressure Indicators C300-C310-C320
Data Sheet

Output Pressure:
0 to +3000 mbar, switchable to
Output Vacuum: 0 to -950 mbar
Connections: 2 push fit connectors with two 4 mm OD tubes
Materials: Bright nickel plated brass, clear anodised aluminium
Pressure Adjustment: Fine volumetric pressure / vacuum adjuster with 0.1 mbar
(0.00145 PSI) sensivity
Dimensions: appr. 170 mm x 46 mm DIA (6.7" x 1.8" DIA)
Weight: appr. 587 grams
Carrying Case: Light, high quality plastic case with hoses, adaptors, seals and
provision for additional instruments

Test Pressure Gauge DS 63
Accuracy +/-1.0% f.s.
Range: 0-2 bar / 0-30 PSI  

TPG4 (
Ditto, Range: -1/0 bar / -30/0 inHg

Service kit containing a set of seals, O-rings,
retaining screws and allen key  

Set of 7 adaptors - 1/4" BSP male
to 1/8", 1/4", 3/8", 1/2" BSP and NPT female

Electronic Pressure Calibrator +/-0.05% f.s.

LPC 300
Electronic Pressure Calibrator +/-0.025% f.s.

Digital Test Pressure Gauge ±0.5% FS

Digital Test Pressure Gauge ±0.2% FS

Digital Portable Pressure Indicators, Ranges from 5 mbar to 100 mbar