Electronic Pressure Calibrator
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PC4 - Pressure Calibrator for pressure, vacuum, differential pressure
PC4-Pressure Calibrator with integrated
pressure source
Ranges from  0/10 mbar up to  0/1000
Pressure, Vaccum, Differential pressure
The PC4 is an appliance for verification and calibration of pressure sensors,
pressure gauges, as well as pressure switches for low pressures. The combination
pressure measuring unit and pressure generator allows a variety of applications in
the laboratory as well as in the field.
The PC4 can be used with battery (9V E-Block) or (optional) from the mains (plug-in
power supply). The robust inductive measuring cell covers a wide pressure
measuring range by means of a 1 : 5 pressure range selector. The PC4 can be
delivered for 3 standard measuring ranges. Responsetime of the measuring signal
can be selected for 3 steps. The pressure is displayed on a high contrast LC display
with 12.5 mm characters. An analogue output is available on request. For greater
volumes an integrated hand pump is used to generate a pressure and metal bellows
is used for precise adjustment. Two integrated valves are used to vent the measuring
Note: for generating vacuum, an exterenal vacuum pump is required, i.e. our calibration pump
2941 or LPP 30.
Application Areas:

- Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning
Cleanroom technology
- Medical technology
- Filter technology
- Level measurements (bubble-through
- Flow-velocity measurements (Pitot
tube, orifice blade)

- LCD display with 4 1/2 digits (standard are 3 1/2 digits)
- Analogue output 0...1 V
- Plug-in power supply 230 VAC
- Other pressure ranges on request
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