Portable Digital Manometer
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Portable Digital Manometer LPM3
Portable Digital Manometer LPM3
suitabel also for corrosive and fluid media, Accuracy 0.1%/0.35%/0.5%
- large number of pressure ranges available
0...40 mbar to 0...2200 bar / high overpressure
- PEAK-Mode up to 1000 Hz (e.g. for pressure
peaks reading)
- Three different accuracies available: normal to
high precision
- Battery operated
- Large display and ergonomic housing
- Indication of current & voltage also possible
- Hold-, MAX-, MIN-, Average-Function in sep.
display line
- Unique THUMB-WHEEL one hand operation of the
- Free scaleable, conversion into other pressure
units without problem
The portable digital manometer LPM3 are suitable also for fluid and corrosive
media. On request special pressure ranges (gauge & absolute) available. The
LPM3 portables are used for service and calibration purposes at pneumatic and
hydraulic systems. For applications with very aggressive media and for hygienic
applications special versions are available on request. All types of LPM3 can
also measure current (0/4...20 mA) and voltage (0...10 V).
Optional Accessories:

- Strong Carrying Case with foams
- Spare batteries (set of 4 pcs.)
- Spare part: 5-pol Plug M12x1 for sensor connection at indicator
- Spare part: 5-pol connection cable (appr. 1 m) with plug DIN 43650 for
transmitter (also suitable for 3-wire-transmitters)
Data Sheet

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