Portable Pressure Test System
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Portable Pressure Test System HTP1
The HTP1 hand held test pump is lightweight,
easy to use and can generate pressures up to
700 bar or 1000 bar. The HTP1 is well suited for
calibrating pressure transmitters, pressure
transducers, pressure switches and pressure

The HTP1 can be used as a Portable Pressure
Comparator in conjunction with various pressure
indicating devices. The system offers adjustable
over pressure protection, fine control, an a
unique selector switch to move from priming to
high pressure generation.

- Hydraulic Pressure up to 1000 bar!
- Sealed Construction - no leaks - no rust!
- Lightweight, hand held and easy to use.
- Optional over pressure protection system (via adjustable relief valve).
- Quick priming and pressure generation using scissor action pump.
- High pressure / priming selector.
- Fine adjustment control.
- Pressure release valve.
- Large see-through reservoir with a capacitiy of over 100 cc.
- Compatible with many different liquids, e.g. mineral oil, distilled water. Skydrol-
and brake fluid option also available.
- Optional accessories include a carrying case, a set of adaptors and a flexible
hose with quick fit connectors suitable for many applications.
Master Instruments available to suit HTP1:

LPC 300 -
Electronic Pressure Calibrator, several ranges, accuracy 0.025% F.S.
TLDMM - Electronic Pressure Calibrator, accuracy 0.05% F.S.
DFP - Digital Reference Pressure Gauge, accuracy 0.1% FS
TDMC - Digital Test Pressure Gauge, accuracy 0.2% FS
DTG-35 - digital indicators, several ranges, accuracy 0.5% F.S.
HTPG - analogue precision pressure gauges DS 100 (4"), several ranges,
accuracy 1.0% f.s.
Order Codes:

Hydraulic Kit: Carrying case, set of 7 adapters - 1/8", 1/4", 3/8", 1/2" BSP and NPT,
set of seals, bottle for filling the HTP1-pump
5 ranges of Pressure Relief Valve: 10-50 bar, 50-200 bar, 200-400 bar, 300-700
bar, 600-1000 bar
several ranges of analogue gauges 1.0% accuracy between 0 and 1000 bar
1 m long flexible hose & gauge adaptor with "quick-fit" connections
Service Kit containing a set of seals
1 Litre can of hydraulic oil

Pressure range:
0 to 700 bar max. (10,000 psi) or up to 1000 bar (14,500 psi)
Pressure media: Mineral based Hydraulic Oil
Distilled water
Optional: Skydrol or Brake Fluid (Mod. HTP1-S)
Pressure connections: for master instrument: 3/8" BSP female
for unit under test: 1/4" BSP female (blanked off) quick-fit connector to suit
optional flexible hose
Dimensions: 236 x 159 x 70 mm (L x W x D)
Weight: appr. 1.6 kg
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