Mixers, Shakers, and Rockers

VSN-5 Nutating Mixer

The VSN-5 is a high quality unit can be used for a variety of
applications including mixing or resuspension of specimens,
tissue culture, immunoblots, etc. It is constructed of flame
retardent ABS. The mixer is variable speed at 5-40 rpm. This
mixer operates at a 20 degree tilt angle and fits either a 5" x 9"
or 8" x 8" table.
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VSM-3 Vortex Mixer

The VSM-3 vortex mixer features a continuous or touch
start/stop operation. The unit provides vortexing action for
variable speeds up to 3000 rpm or in a continuous mixing mode.
This sturdy, reliable and durable vortex mixer is constructed of
flame retardant ABS and has non-slip rubber feet to keep your
mixer in place during operation. The mixer has a variety of
adaptors available. The vortex mixer includes a cap for single
test tubes and 3" platform head designed for beakers, flasks,
and multiple test tubes. The mixer is UL approved.
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VSR-50 Rocker

The VSR-50 Variable Speed Rocker is constructed of a durable
steel housing and support up to 30 pounds while limiting
vibration. The rocker is equipped with a 60 minute time with a
"HOLD" feature. The rocker is a available with 12" x 14" or 16" x
20" table with an adjustable table angle to allow the lab
technician to adjust the angle of the table. The Variable Speed
Rocker allows 5 to 100 rocking motions per minute. The unit
comes equipped with a 12" x 14" table.
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VSOS-4 Orbital Shaker

The VSOS-4 Orbital Shaker provides smooth, quiet orbital
shaking motion for a wide range of laboratory applications. The
shaker can support up to 110 pounds. A digital readout for
specific speed adjustments from 25-400 rpm and 60 minute
timer with "HOLD" feature allows for extended experiments and
overnight runs. The VSOS-4 shaker comes with a 12" x 14"
universal platform.
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Mixers, Shakers, and Rockers
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