Portable Digital Manometer
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Portable Digital Manometer
LPM3: Portable Digital Precision Manometer: Ranges
from 40 mbar up to 2200 bar, with external pressure
sensor. Unique THUMB-WHEEL operation. Also
suitabel for fluid and corrosive media.

C300-C310-C320: Portable Digital Precision
Manometer. Ranges from 5 mbar up to 100 mbar,
also for barometric air pressure. Unique
THUMB-WHEEL operation. Very good

Serie 1000: Portable Digital Manometer. Ranges
from 100 mbar up to 7000 mbar, splash proof IP 64,
very robust aluminium housing, hygienically smooth
surface. Measures pressure, vacuum and differential

HMG 1: (PDF) Portable Digital Manometer, Ranges
from 2.5 mbar up to 1000 mbar. Measures pressure,
vacuum and differential pressure.