LC Columns
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LC Columns
4.6mm, 4.0mm, 2.0mm, and 1.0mm ID HPLC columns are available
in lengths of 50mm, 100mm, 150mm, and 250mm. SGE has
biocompatible GLT columns available for applications requiring
truly inert HPLC columns. SGE HPLC columns offer brilliant results
for reverse phase, and normal phase HPLC applications.
Capillary LC
Performance Plus: Unique 'zero dead volume' system gives the
highest possible resolution, sensitivity and efficiency.
Ease of Use: Seamless connections between columns, tubing and all
Versatility: Columns, unions and accessories are designed to be
used together as a complete system, or can be individually
incorporated into your existing Capillary LC setup.
Flexibility: Adaptable to suit your own requirements with a variety of
columns, unions and tubing sizes.
 ProteCol™ Capillary Columns
    ProteCol™ Unions
    ProteCol™ Accessories
    ProteCol™ Trap & Guard Columns
    ProteCol™ In Line Filters
    PEEKsil™ Tubing

C18 - 3 micron
  Wakosil II C18 RS
For LC/MS and fast HPLC
    Exsil ODS
For high efficiencies and for fast HPLC

C18 - 5 micron
    Wakosil II C18 RS
For LC/MS and analysis of highly basic drugs
    Wakosil II C18 AR
For high pH analysis (to pH9.4) and analysis of PAH’s
    Wakosil II C18 HG
For all Pharmaceuticals and Routine HPLC
    Nucleosil ODS
300Å columns ideal for the separation of peptides
    Exsil ODS
For routine C18 and ODS applications, ideal alternative to Spherisorb
C8 - 5 micron
  Wakosil II C8 RS
For fast method development and ANY C8 applications
   Exsil C8
For routine C8 applications, ideal alternative to Spherisorb C8

Amino - 5 micron
   Exsil™ Amino - 5 Micron
Amino phase for normal phase applications and sugar

Cyano Propyl - 5 micron
   Exsil™ Cyano Propyl - 5 Micron
Versatile nitrile (cyano) phase for normal and reverse phase

Phenyl - 5 micron
  Exsil™ Phenyl - 5 Micron
For routine C8 applications, ideal alternative to C8 and C18
phases with a unique selectivity for aromatic compounds.

SAX - 5 micron
   Exsil™ SAX - 5 Micron
Strong Anion Exchange column ideal for organic anions.

SCX - 5 micron
   Exsil™ SCX - 5 Micron
For routine strong cation exchange, ideal alternative to
Spherisorb SCX.

Silica - 5 micron
   Exsil™ Silica - 5 Micron
Classic normal phase column.