PRO Scientific & Hettich Centrifuge Models

IPES features a complete line of centrifuges ideal for any lab or application! Centrifuges
available through IPES, range from the small personal mini microcentrifuge up to
floor-standing units such as the Hettich Roto Silenta 630 RS. Whether you need a
refrigerated or non-refrigerated centrifugation IPES has the centrifuge best fit for your
need. The PRO-Vantage lines of centrifuges features high quality, compact
microcentrifuges equipped with various rotors for fixed angle or even swing-out
centrifugation. IPES is a distributor of PRO Scientific, the largest and most experienced
North American distributor of Andreas Hettich centrifuges including manual centrifuges,
microcentrifuges, benchtop centrifuges, high capacity benchtop centrifuges, floor
standing centrifuges as well as Hettich robotic centrifuges.

Hettich Centrifuges
PRO Centrifuges
M - Manual  Mi - Microcentrifuge  B - Benchtop  HCB - High Capacity Benchtop  FS - Floor Standing  R - Robotic

Don't see your tube size? Not to worry; IPES has an extensive stock of adapters designed to accommodate a wide
range of tubes and vessels such as:

Still can’t find what it is you’re looking for? As a representative of PRO Scientific, IPES can custom make an adapter
for your unique tube today!

The Hettich Company
The development of modern laboratory centrifuges is closely connected with the history of Hettich-Zentrifugen.
Hettich's roots go back to 1904. A few years later, Andreas Hettich, the founder of the company, built the first
centrifuges for medical applications. Ever since, Hettich has been defining the state of the art by further improving
the technology and integrating new ideas. Today, Hettich's guiding principle is "innovation by tradition".

Since the company was founded more than 160 patents and copyrights for design have been granted to it. Without
exception they relate to centrifuges and centrifuging techniques. In cytology, in particular, Hettich developed
equipment that pointed the way ahead. In the field of laboratory automation the application for a patent on a robotic
centrifuge presents a recent example of the company's innovative force. The Hettich list od applied and issued
patents, therefore, reads like a presentation of the development of modern centrifuge technology.

Construction and Design
The exchange of ideas with users in medicine, chemistry, industry and research generates syn- ergies. Using latest
CAD technology Hettich's designing engineers develop them into products that meet all demands of today's
laboratories. In the factory, finally, they are realised in centrifuges and accessories that are unmistakably Hettich
and prove their worth not only by functionality, but also practical and attractive design.

Highly qualified technicians and latest machinery for metalworking and plastics processing guarantee that Hettich
centrifuges are manufactured according to the same principles they are put to work in the laboratories later:
efficiently, reliably and last but not least economically.

Hettich manufactures top quality centrifuges. All stages from design to end product are continually subjected to
strictest controls. Hettich centrifuges meet the requirements of all relevant national and international standards and
verifies this by corresponding conformity marks. The ISO 9001 certificate accredited to the entire company proves
the extreme care and responsibility Hettich puts into the manufacture of centrifuges and their accessories.

Environmental Care
Centrifuges must not only be safe to operate, their manufacture must also be in compliance with latest ecological
findings and pollution control measures. However, Hettich goes beyond that. Long before the corresponding law
came into force, Hettich, for example, used the environmentally friendly cooling agent R 404 a on its refrigerated
centrifuges. In addition, all other materials are carefully selected under the aspects reusability or non-polluting

Customer Orientation
With an extremely wide range of accessories Hettich offers a complete line of laboratory centrifuges for virtually
every centrifuging task required in practice. Should there still be something left to desire, it may be realised in
custom-made equipment. Specially designed items that meet with greater demand, become part of the standard
program. Recent examples are rotors for special applications in the electronic industry, in inorganic chemistry, and
in electro- plating shops.

R & D
Hettich's R & D departments are representative of the company's philosophy. Scientists in Hettich's own laboratory
do not only elaborate centrifuge applications but also provide customers with competent advice on procedural
questions. The insights gained in the direct contact with users flow into products, which are in line with real market
conditions. Highly qualified personnel in the electronics department guarantees that Hettich centrifuges are not just
state-of-the-art, but often set the trend.

Hettich's high technical production quality requires well and carefully trained employees. Hettich is aware of the
value specialists represent and takes care that there is always enough junior staff. Apprentices are trained to be
electronics engineers, toolmakers, construction mechanics, clerks, and information processing officers. As occasion
demands Hettich also offers product seminars and technical training courses for its specialised dealers in Germany
and abroad.

Hettich centrifuges are only manufactured in Tuttlingen. Hettich will remain true to this location, since Tuttlingen,
which developed into the international centre of medical device technology during the last century, provides ideal
conditions. Here is where the relevant expertise and know-how concentrate and where those specialists can be
found, which Hettich may perhaps not be able to recruit from its own ranks.
- PCR strips
- Babcock bottles
- ASTM tubes
- Capillaries
- RIA tubes
- Scintillation vials
- Schlenk tubes
- Chrome bath tubes
- Thrombocyte bags
- Hitachi racks
- LKB vial racks
- Olympus racks
- Behring racks
- Corning tubes  
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