Electronic Pressure Calibrators
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Electronic Pressure Calibrator
LPC 300: Electronic pressure calibrator, accuracy 0.025%
FS with a lot of additional functions. Extremly easy to use,
Lithium-Ion battery, USB- and RS232-interfaces, changeable
reference sensor, big number of standard ranges (gauge
pressure, absolute pessure, vacuum) between -1 and +1000
bar (14500 psi).

PC4: Pressure Calibrator for small pressure, ranges 0/10
hPa to 0/1000 hPa available, with integrated pressure
source, pressure, vacuum and differential pressure

DFP: Digital Reference Pressure Gauge, accuracy +/- 0.1%
FS, conversion to Force (t, kN)

TLDMM: Electronic Pressure Calibrator, accuracy +/-0.05%
FS, selectable pressure unit, PEAK functions, programmable
digital filter, pressure ranges from 0/1 bar up to 0/2000 bar.